Issue 14 February 2009

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Whilst the global economy slides into recession, the knowledge economy of the CRASH-2 Collaboration continues to grow apace. Every patient enrolled into the trial adds another unit of valid, socially relevant information that no stock market crash can ever wipe from the world. 

At the time of writing, over 14,000 patients have been included into the trial and, provided that recruitment continues to increase, the trial is set to reach its target of 20,000 patients by the end of the year.

In January, the independent Data Monitoring Committee (DMC) met to review the accumulating data and have once again given the CRASH-2 trial a clean bill of health. If our collaborative efforts had been floated on the stock market, the DMC announcement would surely have sent our share price skyrocketing. We can be confident that the safety, rights and well being of the trial participants is assured.

Our objective is therefore clear: to continue to build the knowledge capital that we hope will save lives and reduce human suffering. We all hope that the trial treatment will reduce deaths from the global trauma epidemic, the vicious plague that slaughters over 5 million people per year, most of them in the prime of their youth. But whatever the data show, they will be a valid and permanent contribution, a gift from the doctors of today to those of tomorrow. The knowledge that we are generating will not be limited by national boundaries, nor by the ability of users to pay for it.

The trial is recruiting patients in 40 countries and its results will be vigorously disseminated around the world. In these difficult economic times our collaborative effort is something special and a cause for celebration!

Monthly targets graph
DMEC letter

milestones - thank you!
Hesham Elsayed
Many congratulations to Hesham Elsayed and the whole CRASH2 team at Suez Canal University Hospital Egypt for this fantastic achievement!
  • Buba Shalamberidze, Tbilisi State Univ Clinical Hospital 'I Javakhishvili', Georgia
  • Gia Tomadze, Tbilisi City Hospital #1, Georgia
  • R R Ravi, Medical Trust Hospital Kochi, India
  • Yashbir Dewan, Christian Medical College Ludhiana, India
  • Oluwole Olayemi Olaomi, National Hospital Abuja, Nigeria
  • Jorge Herrera Chaparro, Hospital Universitario San Jose De Popayan, Colombia
  • Jorge Mejia Mantilla, Fundacion Clinica Valle del Lili, Colombia
  • Carlos Camilo Ortiz, Hospital San Andres de Tumaco, Colombia
  • Tamar Gogichaishvili, Tbilisi First Hospital Univ Clinic, Neurosurg Center, Georgia
  • P V Ramana, Care Hospital, India
  • Satish Dharap, LTM Medical College & General Hospital, India
  • Pankaj Patel, Sheth VS General Hospital & NHL Municipal College, India
  • Rakesh Saraf, Government Medical College & Associated Hospitals Jammu, India
  • Sushil Mankar, NKP Salve Institute & Lata Mangeshkar Hospital, India
  • Raul Bautista Cruz, Hospital Gustavo Rovirosa, Mexico
  • Jorge Loria Castellanos, Hospital General Regional 25, Mexico
  • Pius Iribhogbe, University of Benin Teaching Hospital, Nigeria
  • Alonso Soto Tarazona, Hospital Nacional Hipolito Unanue, Peru
  • Marjoris Piñera Martinez, Hospital Clinico-Quirurgico "Saturnino Lora", Cuba
  • Marcos Iraola Ferrer, Hospital Universitario "Dr Gustavo Aldereguia Lima", Cuba
  • Rasananda Mangual, MKCG Medical College, India
  • Pratyush Chaudhuri, Parkar Hospital, India
  • Satish Goyal, Goyal Hospital Jalna, India
  • M Chidambaram, Government Rajaji Hospital, India
  • K V Viswanathan, Medical College Trivandrum, India
  • Farhad Bal'afif, Saiful Anwar General Hospital, Indonesia
  • Baharudin Bin Abdullah, Hospital University Science Malaysia, Malaysia
  • Patricia Ortega Leon, Hosp Gen de Uruapan "Dr Pedro Daniel Martinez", Mexico
  • Andrew Dongo, Irrua Specialist Teaching Hospital, Nigeria
  • Adefemi Afolabi, University College Hospital Ibadan, Nigeria
  • Abdelazeem Eldawlatly, King Khalid University Hospital, Saudi Arabia
  • Dr Ramgaka, Dr George Mukhari Hospital, South Africa
  • Ranjith Ellawala, National Hospital of Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka
  • Rusta Salaeh, Pattani Hospital, Thailand
  • Kamol Wattanakrai, Bhumibol Adulyadej Hospital, Thailand
first patient randomised - congratulations!
  • Nguemo Pascal, Tombel District Hospital, Cameroon
  • Ninying Fuh Fointama, Fundong District Hospital, Cameroon
  • Jules Djokam-Liapoe, Bamenda Provincial Hospital, Cameroon
  • Nguemo Pascal, St John of God Medical Centre, Cameroon
  • Maria Virginia Rodriguez Funes, Hospital Nacional Rosales, El Salvador
  • Yusuf Adamu Al-Hassan, Nyinahin Government Hospital, Ghana
  • Ransford Paul Selasi Sefenu, Sogakope District Hospital, Ghana
  • Gajendra Kant Tripathi, Rajeev Gandhi Memorial Hospital, India
  • Sathish Devadoss, Devadoss Multispeciality Hospital, India
  • Gopal Sharma, Apex Neurotrauma & Superspeciality Hospital, India
  • Ketan Shah, Usha Hospital, India
  • Akhilesh Mohan Lahari, Niramay Hospital, India
  • Praveendra Kumar Sachan, Himalayan Institute of Medical Sciences, India
  • Vinod Kumar Jain, Shri KM Memorial Jain Heart & General Hospital, India
  • Govind Purohit, Mansarovar Hospital, India
  • R P Gupta, Shanti Mukand Hospital, India
  • Tanmoy Das, Apollo Gleneagles Hospitals, India
  • Hoshedar Tata, Krishna Hospital and Medical Research Centre, India
  • Prakash Kumar Khetan, Jeevan Jyoti Hospital & Research Centre, India
  • Kantibhai Agaja, Krishna Surgical Hospital & Trauma Care Centre, India
  • Seyed Ali Ziaee, Imam Hosain Hospital, Iran
  • Sabariah Faizah Jamaluddin, Sungai Buloh Hospital, Malaysia
  • Mohd Yusof Abd Wahab, Hospital Tengku Ampuan Rahimah, Malaysia
  • Andrea Jogo, Federal Medical Centre Makurdi, Nigeria
  • Ana Belen Serrano Romero, Hospital Ramon y Cajal de Madrid, Spain
  • Maria Victoria de la Torre-Prados, Hospital Univ Virgen de la Victoria, Spain
  • Pusit Subsompon, Rayong Hospital, Thailand
  • Wicheanrat Chamnongwit, Phrae Hospital, Thailand
  • Dan Becker, Derbyshire Royal Infirmary, United Kingdom
  • Charles Chengo, Nchanga North General Hospital, Zambia
new ethics approvals - welcome to CRASH2!
We welcome new sites until May 2009 – no later.

Cameroon flag

Fabien Fouda Bekolo, Douala Military Hospital
Princely Shouasha, Bamenda Sub-Divisional Hospital
Yumo Habakkuk Azinyui, Batibo District Hospital
Ganyam G Nyamndi, Tubah District Hospital
Paul Onambele, Wum District Hospital

Colombia flag
Maria Fernanda Jimenez, Hospital Universitario San Ignacio
Alfredo Constain, Hospital Pablo Tobon Uribe
El Salvador flag
Maria Virginia Rodriguez Funes, Hospital Nacional Rosales
Ghana flag
Ransford Paul Selasi Sefenu, Sogakope District Hospital
Yusuf Adamu Al-Hassan, Nyinahin Government Hospital
Theodore Boro, Saint Theresa's Hospital
Sampson Sarpong-Peprah, Effia Nkwanta Regional Hospital
Ketan Shah, Usha Hospital
Tanmoy Das, Apollo Gleneagles Hospitals
A K Shrivastava, Mahakoshal Hospital
Hoshedar Tata, Krishna Hospital & Medical Research Centre
Shiv Kumar, Shalimar Hospital
Govind Purohit, Mansarovar Hospital
Prakash Kumar Khetan, Jeevan Jyoti Hospital & Research Centre
Kantibhai Agaja, Krishna Surgical Hospital & Trauma Care Centre
Govindnarayan Malpani, Suyash Hospital
Bala Vidyasagar, Dr Jeyasekharan Medical Trust
Vithal Nath Das, Goyal Hospital & Research Centre, Jodhpur
K V Santosh, Vydehi Institute of Medical Sciences & Research Centre
Aman Prabhugaonkar, Chikitsa Hospital
Aniket Shah, Saykhedkar Hospital & Research Centre
Aniket Shah, Shreejee Hospital
Naresh Shetty, M S Ramaiah Memorial Hospital
Ganapathi Poogavana, Mangala Hospital & Kidney Foundation
Hardik Shah, Shreeji Orthopaedic & ENT Hospital
Indonesia flag
Faisol Ama, Muhammadiyah Lamongan Hospital
Iran flag
Esmaeil Haji Nasrollah, Loqman Medical Center
Malaysia flag
Fatahul Laham bin Mohamed, Alor Setar Hospital
Ridzuan Dato Mohd Isa, Ampang Hospital
Mohd Yusof Abd Wahab, Hospital Tengku Ampuan Rahimah
Sabariah Faizah Jamaluddin, Sungai Buloh Hospital
Nigeria flag
Ramatu Hassan, Federal Medical Centre Birnin-Kebbi
Andrea Jogo, Federal Medical Centre Makurdi
South Africa flag
Lee Wallis, George Provincial Hospital
Spain flag
Ana Belen Serrano Romero, Hospital Ramon y Cajal de Madrid
Thailand flag
Uppapat Jantapimpha, Chiangrai Prachanuko Hospital
Wicheanrat Chamnongwit, Phrae Hospital
Pusit Subsompon, Rayong Hospital
Phaiboon Pensuwan, Roi-Et Hospital
UK flag
Simon Smith, Stoke Mandeville Hospital
Rajan Paw, Russells Hall Hospital
Jonathan Argall, Blackpool Victoria Hospital
Zambia flag
Charles Chengo, Nchanga North General Hospital

CRASH-2 around the world
Nigeria national meeting
Nigeria national meeting in December 2008
San Vicente de Paul Carlos Morales
CRASH2 team at Hospital Universitario San Vicente de Paul, Colombia, and PI Carlos Morales
Suratthani team
CRASH2 team at Suratthani Hospital, Thailand, with PI Sakchai Tangchitvittaya
National Hospital Abuja
CRASH2 team at National Hospital Abuja, Nigeria, with PI Oluwole Olaomi
Baptist Medical Centre
CRASH2 team at Baptist Medical Centre, Nigeria, with PI Ambrose Attansey
San Felix team
CRASH2 team at Hospital San Felix ESE, Colombia
Derbyshire RI team
Derbyshire Royal Infirmary UK, with PI Dan Becker
Chettinad team
Chettinad Hospital & Research Institute team in India, with PI Narayana Reddy
San Andres de Tumaco team
CRASH2 team at Hospital San Andres de Tumaco, Colombia

Rosales team Virginia Rodriguez
CRASH2 team at Hospital Nacional Rosales, El Salvador,
and PI Virginia Rodriguez

Team at Hipolito Unanue with their new jackets
CRASH2 team at Hospital Nacional Hipolito Unanue, Peru, with PI Alonso Soto Tarazona and Peru national co-ordinator Jaime Miranda.
CRASH2 logo in jacket

Gia with TCC team in London

Gia Tomadze (second from left) from Tbilisi City Hospital #1, Georgia, came to see us at the Co-ordinating Centre with his wife, while visiting London in January. As you can see he made us all very happy, so do let us know if you are in London and come in for a cup of tea!

cochrane corner
Cochrane logo

As CRASH2 collaborators, I thought you would be interested in the titles of Cochrane systematic reviews related to traumatic brain injury. The reviews listed below are currently published on the Cochrane Library ( Spanish language translations are available at Most countries have a subscription to the Cochrane Library. If you are unable to access the reviews, feel free to contact me.

  • Aminosteroids for acute traumatic brain injury Roberts IG
  • Anticonvulsants for preventing seizures in patients with chronic subdural haematoma Ratilal B, Costa J, Sampaio C
  • Barbiturates for acute traumatic brain injury Roberts IG
  • Beta-2 receptor antagonists for acute traumatic brain injury Ker K, Blackhall K
  • Calcium channel blockers for acute traumatic brain injury Langham J, Goldfrad C, Teasdale G, Shaw D, Rowan K
  • Corticosteroids for acute traumatic brain injury Alderson P, Roberts IG
  • Decompressive craniectomy for the treatment of refractory high intracranial pressure in traumatic brain injury Sahuquillo J
  • Excitatory amino acid inhibitors for traumatic brain injury Willis C, Lybrand S, Bellamy N
  • Fitness training for cardiorespiratory conditioning after traumatic brain injury Hassett L, Moseley AM, Tate R, Harmer AR
  • Hyperbaric oxygen therapy for the adjunctive treatment of traumatic brain injury Bennett MH, Trytko B, Jonker B
  • Hyperventilation therapy for acute traumatic brain injury Roberts IG, Schierhout G
  • Hypothermia for traumatic head injury Sydenham E, Roberts I, Alderson P
  • Magnesium for acute traumatic brain injury Arango MF, Bainbridge D
  • Mannitol for acute traumatic brain injury Wakai A, Roberts IG, Schierhout G
  • Modest cooling therapies (35ºC to 37.5ºC) for traumatic brain injury Saxena M, Andrews P, Cheng A
  • Monoaminergic agonists for acute traumatic brain injury Forsyth RJ, Jayamoni B, Paine TC
  • Multi-disciplinary rehabilitation for acquired brain injury in adults of working age Turner-Stokes L, Disler PB, Nair A, Wade DT
  • Nutritional support for head-injured patients Perel P, Yanagawa T, Bunn F, Roberts IG, Wentz R
  • Pharmacological management for agitation and aggression in people with acquired brain injury Fleminger S, Greenwood RRJ, Oliver DL
  • Psychological treatment for anxiety in people with traumatic brain injury Soo C, Tate R
  • Routine intracranial pressure monitoring in acute coma Forsyth RJ, Rodriguez B
  • Sensory stimulation for brain injured individuals in coma or vegetative state Lombardi F, Taricco M, De Tanti A, Telaro E, Liberati A
    The Cochrane Injuries Group registers titles for reviews related to traumatic brain injury. You are invited to contact me at if you have an idea for a new title. Check out our website for information and to get involved: