1. Taking Part
1.1 Is CRASH-2 a Head Injury Trial?
1.2 What do you mean by 'risk of significant haemorrhage'?
1.3 Who else is taking part in the CRASH-2 Trial?

Do hospitals get paid for taking part in the CRASH Trial?

1.5 What do we have to do if we want to get our hospital to take part?
1.6 What do we do once we have ethics committee approval?
1.7 Does the trial involve a lot of work for doctors (paperwork)?
1.8 Issues surrounding indemnity
1.9 Issues surrounding consent
1.10 When did the trial start and when will it finish?

2. Enrolling Patients
2.1 In emergencies, how do I find out whether the patient received Tranexamic acid or placebo?
2.2 What about patients with haematuria?
2.3 Should I worry about entering a patient from a population that has a high incidence of undiagnosed liver disease?
2.4 Why do we not use trauma scoring system?
2.5 How to measure Capillary Refill Time?
2.6 How is it decided whether the patient receives the treatment or placebo?
2.7 Case studies (pdf-file)

3. Organisational Issues
3.1 What if trial supplies run low?
3.2 What should we do with any unused trial treatment ampoules?
3.3 What if the infusion is interrupted?
3.4 What if the patient is transferred to another ward in my hospital after being randomised but before the 8 hour infusion is started?
3.5 What if the patient is transferred to another hospital after being randomised but before 28 days?
3.6 CRASH-2 trial treatment pack
3.7 Exclusion criteria